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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

Links to Important Government COVID-19 Support Information

Prince Edward Island Government COVID-19 website

Government of Canada COVID-19 website

June 15th Update
June 11th Update
June 5th Update
June 3st Update
June 1st Update
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May 26th Update
May 25th Update
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May 7th Update
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May 5th Update
May 4th Update
May 1st Update
April 30th Update
COVID-19 Information Posters for Business Doors
April 28th Update
April 27th Update
April 24th Update
April 23rd Update
April 22nd Update
April 21st Update
Letter from KACC President
April 20th Update
April 17th Update
April 16th Update
April 15th Update
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April 8th Update
April 7th Update
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March 30th Update
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March 26th Update
March 25th Update
March 24th Update
March 23rd Update
How to tell if Your Business Qualifies
March 19th Update
March 18th Update
March 17th Update
KACC President's Statement
Webinar - COVID-19 Affects on Business
Pandemic Prepared?
SURVEY RESULTS for the KACC COVID-19 & Your Business - COVID-19